How to make an OSC inaudible when another key is already pressed in mono mode (voices = 1)?

This is my first question at the Vital forum, and I really like this synth.

I tried to recreate a program from my Korg Kronos, which is a mono lead sound. I could recreate it using 3 OSCs (in Vital), but I want one of the OSC not to be heard when there is already a key played. The sound is a MONO sound (I set voices to 1 in Vital). However, all 3 OSCs are audible when I play a note. When I press a note, while another note is already pressed, I do NOT want OSC3 to be audible. Is this possible, and how?


I just found out about the ‘LEGATO’ option… it seems to work for all OSC’s together, but in my case it works fine (as the sustain of the first two OSCs make that the sound continues no matter if keys are pressed or not).

This synth is so versatile, while still having an easy looking GUI. Kudos to the developers.

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