How to limit voices for oscillators individually?

I have a sub oscillator that I need to made monophonic so that it won’t play chord notes.

Is there a way to limit voices for an oscillator individually? Or maybe you know a better solution to my problem? Thanks.

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if your DAW allows stacking of instruments, you could
stack a monophonic version over a polyphonic

for example in logic it should work with trackstacks…

Yeah I think you’ll need a separate instance of vital set to mono for the sub layer, like @muki mentions
If you’re in ableton you could do an instrument rack or a new channel, whichever you prefer for processing

and, imho, performancewise it might be best to combine this with some sort
of (more or less clever) keyboard split (think the doors)…

and if the DAW can’t support this easily, this should work with any “meta” plugin
i.e.: a plugin that hosts other plugin within itself like
DDMF metasynth, bluecat patchworks, element, pluginguru unify…