How to install on Linux

Hi there. I’m new to music production and I could find no documentation how to install Vital on no-Debian-Linux, in my case Manjaro Linux. Where do I have to copy the directories or do I have to copy the whole content of the zip file to somewhere? Or just the shared libs to somewhere?
And, did I miss some instructions? It would be good if there would be a short README in the zip file.
Thanks for your help

Manjaro is arch based linux i have no clue nor i ever used it but i found this post
which can be used to convert packages like .deb to arch format (which i don’t know which one it is because i never used arch)

debian packages are ar archives.
You can see the content of a deb with ar -t VitalInstaller.deb
or extract it with ar -x VitalInstaller.deb

The content of the deb is:

$ ar -t VitalInstaller.deb 

data.tar.xz should be your (compressed) file with Vital inside.

Good luck!

to use vital in your DAW, download the zip file and extract the .so files in your vst folder, for instance, for renoise is in …/.vst/ (you should create the folder if you haven’t )

Well, I see that there now is an AUR package for Vital. I had a look at it at Nov the 24th and since the 25th there is an AUR package. :smiley: It installs without any hassle, so at least for Manjaro, Arch and other Linux distributions this topic is solved.

For other Linux distributions it may work like this:

cd ~/Downloads
ar -x VitalInstaller.deb
cd /
sudo tar --xz -xvf ~/Downloads/data.tar.xz

Using the distributions own package manager may be preferable.