How to import .vitallfo LFO files separately?

Hello all,

I downloaded some .vitallfo LFO shapes designed for Vital from 10hoevesounds but cannot figure out how to import the files into Vital.

When I click the name of the loaded LFO (“Triangle” in the screenshot below), I can see that there actually are folders of custom .vitallfo LFO files (“ESW - Origins”, “Factory”, “The New Wave”, “TngKaos” in the screenshot below) recognized by Vital, but those were imported by me adding a vitalbank file that includes .vital preset files, .vitallfo LFO files and sometimes .WAV wavetable files. There is no “Add Folder” option at the bottom of the folder list which can be found when I click the loaded wavetable name, and Vital didn’t automatically add the folder either after I put the folder of LFO files into the directory (~/Music/Vital on macOS).

So, my question is, how do I import LFO files that aren’t already associated with existing presets and included in a .vitalbank?

There is a folder labeled LFO’S in your user data directory, the same directory as your presets. You can drag them in there and even create a sub folder if you’d like and it will show up when you check for LFO presets.

Thank you, I followed your instruction and now those LFO files are indeed showing up in Vital’s LFO browser.

I had no idea they must be in the Vital/User/LFOs folder, I simply put it in the root of the Vital folder.

One minor complaint is even though I put the LFO files in a subfolder (Vital/User/LFOs/folder name), those LFOs simply show up in the browser under a User folder. I wish I could see the name of the subfolders.

Click on the user folder twice to see sub folders

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Ohh, thank you! It is kinda obvious in hindsight but it didn’t occur to me.

Ideally I would like to keep those LFOs out of the Vital/User folder since they weren’t created by me, but being able to navigate the folder hierarchy should allow me to distinguish third party LFOs in the user folder.

Ooook I had a eureka moment. Simply create a .vitalbank that contains only those LFOs, i.e. no presets or wavetables, and import it into Vital. Voilà! My unhealthy urge to keep things tidy is satiated.

In the future, I hope this process can be made less convoluted, e.g. an “Add Folder” button identical to the one in the wavetable browser. For the time being though, it works.

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