How to Import Vital Presets [A How-To Guide]

Hey everyone!

Here’s a link to the full post for those in a hurry: How To Install Vital Presets (Windows/Mac)

One of the more frequent questions I’ve gotten since the launch of Vital is “How do I import presets into Vital?”

And while Vital does make it really easy to import banks and presets via the drop-down menu within the synth, there are more than a few stumbling blocks for those not as familiar with the process.

So, to help everyone out, we created a short guide that contains everything we know about importing and managing Vital presets, banks, and the user library itself.

Inside this guide, you will learn the basics of importing preset banks and individual presets, as well as how to turn a .zip file full of presets into a .vitalbank file that is much easier to import!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, if you need anything clarified, or to share your own tips!



About .vitalbank files, the guide says…

you’ll see them show up as a top level folder in the Vital preset browser

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for (and what I missed) yesterday. I thought that window in the preset browser was about “authors”, since this is all I saw. I hadn’t noticed that it was “folders”, and just turns out that those folders in the factory content are organized by author, and my imported vitalbank folder was down in the list. Now I found it just by scrolling down.

The power of documentation is amazing, isn’t it? :wink: