How to import vital banks?

I just got sent a great bank in my email but I cannot open it with Vital, even when I click on “import bank”- nothing happens. What do I do?

Hi @nearandforevermusic

I don’t think there’s any visual feedback from importing a bank (i.e. no “successful import” message). However, it should now appear as folder when you browse presets.
Can you not see it?

Also, just to confirm, the file you imported had a .vitalbank file extension?

All the best

Open your hamburger menu and press Import Vital Bank
Click on the .vitalbank file you want to import
And now your preset browser should have a new folder with the name of your .vitalbank


you might want to checkout the unofficial community documentation … luckly I already desribed it …

Oh Wow, thank you!

Hmm that didn’t seem to work.
Even though it was a vitalbank file. What happened?

That’s weird, send the .vitalbank file and I’ll see if I can import it.