How to import a single wave frame?

I need to import a wav as a single wave frame, not wavetable. How do I do this? Or is it impossible and I have to add 255 lengths of the wave in the end?

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Hey! Is it okay to see the wav sample you want to use? I might be able to help from there.

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Dang, can you make a google drive link? For some reason I’m not able to listen or download it.

I haven’t seen the Wav File yet but I think one way you may be able to get that single frame is by

  • 1: Open up a fresh instance of Vital or initialize preset
  • 2: Drag in the sample you want to use into the Oscillator
  • 3: Find that one frame you want to use
  • 3: Right click on the Oscillator and click Resynthesize preset to wavetable

Then you should be able to save or copy the new single frame wavetable, hope this helps! Let me know!

I think in Vital it is impossible to have more or less than 256 frames in the wavetable though.

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I tried this, but this way Vital considers the only frame in my file as 256 frames. In other words, one frame is divided to 256.

Just now I’ve got an idea to render 1 sec of 256 Hz (256 periods exactly) sound and then I wonder if it’s gonna be wavetabled correctly…

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You’re a genius XD, I made a sample at 256 Hz and placed it into the Vital wavetable and it worked. There’s still 256 frames but at least the wave form looks like it’s supposed to. Good job at figuring it out!

*EDIT: Do you what you did, but put the sample into the Oscillator as Pitch Splice!

Lol how did you do it? :sweat_smile: I tried it just now and it resulted just in…
Maybe something wrong with my wav file?

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This is what I did in Sytrus then recorded a measure of the sound in my DAW

[Download] Sytrus Osc Shape 256 Hz
Then I dragged and dropped this file into the wavetable using Pitch Splice exactly like you did in your Gif example

Here is the comparison of the two sounds in Sytrus and Vital:

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I tried the same thing in Sytrus but something kinda went wrong…
Anyway, thanks for your help :wink:

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You’re welcome! Weird, I’m not really sure why it didn’t work for you. If you want to give me the Sytrus Preset that you wanted to record I might be able to help figure why it didn’t work!

Here’s my preset:
Sytrus 256 Hz FL Studio Preset