How to get rid of 2nd note

I never, ever, ever have had any use for presets that have a 2nd note playing along with it- how are you ever going to play every note in that key? And honestly I never will. Unfortunately there are those who like to still put out presets with that ever-annoying 2nd note in it, even presets that are in the original set that comes with it.

I see the “pitch” icon to the oscilators are all at 0 or 12- so where are they coming from?


Can you reply with one of the presets that has this? The pitch might be be automated, so get rid of any circles you see under the pitch modifiers.

Hi @nearandforevermusic.

If it’s not clear from the pitch values of the oscillators, then you could go to the modulation matrix (MATRIX tab) and look for appropriate modulation destinations, i.e. Osc X Transpose, and set the amount to zero (move the slider to the centre).
Samples could also be “melodic”, so you could try turning the sampler oscillator off.

Alternatively, you could just ignore the presets you don’t like :slight_smile:

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