How to do Pitch Bend Slides in Vital and Cubase

Hi, I think there’s supposed to be an easy solution to my problem but after hours of searching the internet I couldn’t find any.
In some of my songs I have Pad Synths playing some Pitch bends from one note to another and I’m trying to implement those by using Vital in Cubase as my DAW. Im doing it by writing Pitch Bend Automation to the Midi file.

The problem is that the release of a pitch bended note isn’t played properly. When a not pitch bended Note is played after a pitch bended one, I set a certain pitch bend for the bended note. At the onset of the not bended note, I set the pitch bend back to 0. This results in the release of the pitch bended note to not being bended anymore and falling back to notes original pitch which leads to an unpleasant very unsmooth transition between the two notes. At the onset of a new note, the pitch of the released pitch bended note needs to be released at the pitch it was pitch bended to.

A possible solution for the problem would be to set a bend for every note individually and not for the whole midi file. I figured out this could be possible by using MPE, but I couldn’t find what exactly to do.

The release is played as it’s supposed to play. Pb isn’t polyphonic. There’s an MPE setting in the advanced tab iirc, and then you need a host that supports MP expressions. Dunno how well it’s implemented in Vital, haven’t played with it that much, but I’ve read that some people need to enable it every time after loading a project up.