How to design an epic church bell sound


a friend of mine has asked me to create a huge bell sound for his music project. I have no clue how to do that. If anyone has some advice, it would be appreachiated very much. Or if there is a good preset as a starting point please let me know about it.

Take care

first thing to do is search around for a real world example of what you’re looking for. find one and say “i want to synthesize exactly this” and then comes the next step. but first do that one, find the recording of the epic bell sound you want.

This one would do:

You need bell-like tones? For supernaturally bell-like timbres, look no further than the Polygonal Number Series wavetables in KRC Mathwaves. There are possibly even some good examples of these in the free version of that collection.

YouTube playlist here: