How to change the username?

Is there a way to change my username for my vital account? Especially here in the forum?


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Go into your account preferences, you should be able to change your user name there., to get there, click on your logo at top right of the screen, now click on your user name and finally click preferences , your user name will appear at the top. I hope the info helps.

I found my preferences and I see my username on the top. But I’m unable to change it. I can change my full name (optional) but not the username.

Oh that is odd, maybe I misunderstood you for which I apologize. Maybe contacting the forum admins might be an idea.

Do you know how I can contact an admin? Is there another way instead of flagging my own post?

Have you figured out a solution to this yet? My username automatically got set as my email address, which is my full name. I’m not too worried about it but I don’t exactly want my full name as my username lol

I think there was a problem with my account, after getting in contact with a moderator i could change the name. it seems like you already figured it out