How To Add Organic Character To Your Sound Design

Hey everyone,

My team and I have been using the random LFO’s inside of Vital to add more character to our sounds.

Specifically, we’ve been tossing the random LFOs on things like fine pitch and envelope ADSR to make our stuff sound less digital.

We’ve gotten some really good results so we decided to share our tricks in a short blog post!

You can read the full post here, complete with images + gifs:
How To Add Organic Character To Your Sound Design In Vital

Also, I’d love to hear any cool techniques you might have for adding that extra “human element” to your sounds. So feel free to share! :slight_smile:


Great tip about using remapping on the note-on random signal - Thanks!


This is great stuff to take an A grade preset to an A+. Would love to see (mostly hear) a video where you illustrate these techniques!


You’re welcome!

Unfortunately, a video on this topic probably won’t happen due to my crazy schedule.

However, I will try and dig up or make some examples and share them here for everyone :slight_smile: