How should I give Vital credit if i post the things I make online?

To start, I do not plan to make money on any song I would post. I might post it on spotify, and I have the free version of Vital. I am using LMMS to make a song, and want to post it on spotify and youtube, but I don’t know how to credit Vital when I do so. Does anyone know how? I am genuinely worried that I might get in trouble if I don’t credit Vital correctly, so I would love to know how to credit Vital for the use of the plugins as soon as I can. Thanks to anyone who can respond and who knows the answer!

you are free to use in any song, paid or not.

The provided SOFTWARE PRODUCTS can be used for commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions without the prior permission from VITAL AUDIO. All VITAL AUDIO software may be used to create samples for commercial products such as sample packs and sound libraries.

Otherwise, just for your knowledge most all software products work this way, otherwise you’d see credits on albums for “Fabfilter PRO Q3” or “Xfer Serum” literally everywhere lol

When in doubt, always refer to the “Rights and Limitations” section of a products EULA