How many wavetables did everyone get from the subscription plan?

Mine has probably around 30ish, is this normal for everyone? Are more tables being added in the future?

this is one big fake with this vital! subscribe and you will have… nothing a big nothing!

The money goes into store credit though? and you get in the discord, unlimited text to wave table where free is limited to 5 a day, You can use the credit to purchase the higher versions too. Idk subcription is kinda cool imo

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Idk how many it came with i already added the ones from serum and massive into it xD

I imagine over time he will add more.
Doesn’t make much sense to add everything on month 1,
All you would need to do is subscribe for one Month at $5 and get the content for those who buy the Pro version.

True, True.

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Yeah I’m not mad or anything, I generally just make my own stuff. Just was curious. IMO subscribing is just a great way to support Matt. Getting a little from each user monthly is definitely a good way to keep the lights on and keep working on making this thing even better.