How many computers?

How many computers can I install Vital on? Ideally, I’d like it on 3 - my main studio iMac, my home study iMac, and my Macbook Pro which I obviously take with me when I travel.

I use Logic Pro X on all three machines, as well as Unify (John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl, aka PlugInGuru put me onto Vital - Unify is his amazing plugin host which will also act as a plugin itself). So having Vital on all three machines would be perfect for me - I just bought the Pro version this morning, but couldn’t find anywhere where it tells me how many computers I can use it on.

I m not sure , but since the difference between version is not in the vital software itself, you can install in all the computers as you wish, and loging for download your licensed libraries or use the text feature


That’s great, has this been officially confirmed ?


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