How does "Bend Morphing Knob" work in Vital?

I was using Serum, and now I am trying to use Vital. So I noticed that the way bending function works in Serum is different with Vital. In Serum the line bends symmetrically, but Vital doesn’t. I wonder how I can bend the wave symmetrically and also wanna know if there is “bend +/-” option in Vital

it is always a bend+/-, you can move the slider under the waveform to move its symmetry point around the wave; hope this helps

I looked the wave carefully, and I assumed it is +/- but wanted to make sure and thanks for telling that. However, speaking of the symmetry point, when I move the knob toward + side, it seems like it only pushes the most right side of the wave, which is not what I wanted. What I want is both sides of the wave bend symmetrically.

  • “Squeeze” function seems like the closest thing that I want. What I want is a function like “Squeeze + Bend” or Skew function in Sytrus

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