How Do You Import Vital Plugins to Logic Pro X?

Hi I’ve downloaded vital and the application itself works fine. I can’t seem to import the plug ins to Logic Pro X which is what I want. I’ve been able to import other plug ins which work but these are found directly in the presets folder (library~audio~presets) rather than how they’re supposed to be imported: individual plugins in VST/ components folders (library~audio~plugins). I tried exporting the plug ins on Vital but they are .vital format and when I go into Logic Pro X nothing comes up at all for manufacturers/plugins. I’ve tried quitting, reinstalling and refreshing plugins in and still nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this? Cheers

I’m using Logic Pro X 10.6 and Mac Big Sur 11.1

Could be under “Matt Tytel” or “Vital Audio”.
Make sure you’re creating an instrument (and not an effect)

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Hi @MixtapeMike

In Logic, you use Vital as an audio unit plugin.
If it’s installed correctly, you should be able to load vital via the “Instrument” popup on a channel strip (AU Instruments > Vital Audio > Vital).

Individual patches are the files than have the .vital suffix. You load these via Vital’s preset browser.

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