How Do People Use Vital Without ASIO?

Congratulations on a very popular synth! I see a lot of enthusiasm and support from the community for it. I find it unusable due to lack of ASIO support though. Every VST synth I have uses ASIO and has imperceptible lag. (Arturia V Collection, Pigments, Surge, others) None of the options in Vital give me low latency. I also get a lot of break-up unless I set the buffer to 20 mSec or greater.

How are people using this synth with such dramatic lag? I ask honestly, because I’d like to be able to use it.


Vital works fine here with ASIO on two systems here. One with FL Studio ASIO and one with Focusrite ASIO drivers.

You may be talking about the standalone Vital but I wouldn’t know since I don’t use the standalone.

If so just use the Vital VSTi plugin within a Host or DAW then it will use ASIO.


Wow! Thanks! I loaded Vital in Cantabile and there’s no lag at all. Didn’t know it needed a host, but it definitely works.

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Cool! Glad you got it working. :+1:


I use the free Tone2 Nanohost. This works fine with the Vital.dll file installed to your vst plugins folder. I can select the ASIO settings provided with my audio interface using that.

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Thanks zzz00m, I’ll have to give Nanohost a try.