How do I trigger the Envs?

I cannot find a way to trigger the Envelopes. So far it looks like the only way is through the Note On Midi message. I hope I am missing something here. I was trying to trigger the Envelopes with one of the Random generators in S+H mode, while it’s modulating the pitch of an Osc.
The LFO does not accept the Random modulators as sync source either, which is too bad. So, am I out of options?
I am having a very hard time to find the most basic options/features, and/or figure out what is Vital’s paradigm to get things done, especially in absence of the manual…:thinking:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Same here.

You can find quite a lot information in this forum or at and i think some things at but the second is almost 150 pages. Maybe you can find something with search funktion.
Some in youtube and other places.

i opend a thread with tips tricks and secret functions. And started posting information from the first kvr link there. This would save us all a lot of time if we collect usefull stuff in one place.

I don´t understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. Try to use and lfo as an envlope and experiment with the different modes. Try to connect an lfo or envelope to random freqency and then connect random to the thing you wanted to control in the first place.
Or connect random to lfo frequency and connect the lfo to the thing you wanted to conrol.

There are many workarounds you can try. Some things with envelopes and lfo and random work not as people expect it, there are many posts about this.

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Just remember there are already hundreds if not more than a thousand patches created for Vital by many different users in just a couple of months.

You could look at some of those patches and learn how Vital works. It’s a brilliant synth with a very logical workflow.

if i understand the question correctly,
i think what apuzzone is asking is:
if there are OTHER ways to trigger ENV (or als LFOs for that matter) than by midi-note-on

and i’m afarid, that there is…none ?
which imho is some kind of missed oportunity…

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Can you give us a scenario where triggering envelopes from something other than note on would bring any capability not already present with the many other modulation options ?

Like I said people are happily making tons of great patches with Vital so this is not a deal breaker in any way.

People who focus on what Vital can do and not what it can’t do are far more likely to get great results. :wink:


Maybe I misunderstood the question, but there is no strict distinction between LFOs and ENVs, because every LFO can run as an ENV. Why not setting an LFO to ENV mode and trigger the LFO?

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As I originally posted, this is my intent

The Note On event is sent only once at the beginning of the pattern. The modulator does the rest. I am working on a generative pattern. The single Note On is to keep a single sweep of a wavetable at a rate different than the DAW’s clock without resetting - I am having a hard time avoiding the reset - while a random generator modulates the pitch, and I would like to control one or more Envs, in sync with the modulator of the pitch.

I would like to achieve that, but it is possible that the approach I took is not the correct one.

Once I set the LFO to ENV, how do I trigger the LFO with the output of the Random gen. ?

still not sure if i understand correctly what you are tring to do.

but for the last question, when you set lfo(lfo is connected to osc pitch) speed to freeze it will do nothing at note on. Then connect random to lfo speed now pitch is changing randomly. Then set random speed to freeze and connect another lfo to that, and control with this one when your random pitch is starting or stopping.

something like that?

I was in the middle of trying your suggestion when Vital started to crash FL every time I am connecting a modulator to the Osc pitch. I am now trying to troubleshoot that.

What´s FL? Your DAW?
Did you try standalone? Sounds strange, this should work fine.

Sept 2022 and I’m having the same issue.

the OP is saying that for generative patches we need envelopes to be A) Loopable and B) triggerable by an lfo. Also allowing lfos to trigger the start of other lfos would be good as well. This will provide a more controlled randomness as to when notes are actually triggered. For this to be truly effective Vital would need have a free mode where sound is played out regardless of whether a midi note is received or not. The only vst I know that has this is Factory by Sugar Bytes.