How do i sync lfo delay with tempo?

i’ve been trying to figure this out for the last hour and cant find anything online, i just want to set the lfo delay to the project tempo in logic, but it only lets me select seconds, help please?

I don’t think this is currently possible, sorry.

since the LFO is actually a MSEG, you simply add more steps at the begining of the (synced) LFO and leave it at 0
here’s a screenshot:


does only make sense if you don’t need to much of an oscillating repeatability…
where you’d have to draw extra cycles by hand…

hmm…well, consider it as a workaround :wink:

might be a quite useful, no: very useful feature request !

and next idea:
2 LFO’s - one triggers the other

LFO2 is the delay’er which triggers LFO1 which is the LFO’er

LF01 is set up as regular LFO, doing your regular LFO job (for example fast filtercutoff)

LFO 2 is setup similar to my screenshot above: as MSEG with an delaystep at the begining

now set LFO2 to controll LFO1
timing is regulated by DAW

here are the screenshots:





fantastic responses dude thank you so much, you’re out here making this forum awesome haha

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was a pleasure

but feature request:
temposync for the LFO delay would be nice anyways…