How do I recreate the classic RnB-Glide-Pad in Vital

Yo folks!
I’m trying to recreate this RnB Pad everyone know’s (if he/her would hear it). My sound design skills are pretty basic, not to say close to poor. For reference, here’s a video, where someone plays it
RnB-Glide-Pad Soundpreview

Hey there,
Sorry - which sound are you looking for? The one they played in Ableton’s wavetable or the one from Vital?

Either way, I gave a shot at trying to re-create the patch from Ableton’s wavetable, which is the one I assume you are looking for… Just drop this into your normal user presets and enjoy :slight_smile:

RnB Attempt.vital (320.9 KB)

Regarding sound design, there is a couple ways you could approach this patch. In my example, in order to copy the same movement of the wavetable moving from Sine wave, through Triangle, to Saw; I decided to filter a saw wave with the warp mode, alongside the same ENV modulation. I also added some additional ENV modulation to the Low Pass warp mode to give it closer to the same movement as the wavetable patch. The FX i made the same as he shows in his rack.
Feel free to play around with the modulation amounts or FX to get it a bit closer, just my first attempt and again there are other ways you might be able to get the same sound or better!

if u wanna achieve it the easy way turn up glide, slower attack on the enveloper also map a slow attacked enveloper to the filter ur done.