How Do I Join the discord and where is the receipt for my purchase

I have no email confirming my purchase of the subscription plan and how to join discord is unclear.

You should have gotten a receipt via email.
There’s the discord server here:

If you got pro or subscribed you can link it to your discord account after you join at under “Modify”

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Ok, thank you for the info about discord. I checked my email several times through however I can’t seem to find any receipt.

Same here, “Link to Discord” does nothing i can only connect to the public server but not the advertised exclusive with voice chat etc.

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You have to type your username and your user’s 4 numbers like this: username#0123 (make sure there’s no space). If that doesn’t work let me know.

me too @Tytel, I’m trying to connetc by the “modify” in my discord account (I’m PRO), I inserted my discord name#0000, the page say me “Linked!” but nothing happend…My Discord is Krel_psy#6412 , can you send me an invitation to the private group? :pray:t2:

Looks like you’re already linked. I just tagged you in the private channel.

Wondering how to get my role 2 years after this post. HotOppz#6666 is my discord, linked it via the forums but i dont know how to do it with vital, and the page you talk about I cannot find, i only see “Delete Account” under modifying/editing my account

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Having this same issue…

Yep i don’t find how to add the pro info to my discord account to. I don’t see this modify option.

Go to click my products. Scroll down to pro pack, you’ll see modify then. The new channels you’ll see is #builds under info and a new Supporter channels group with 4 sub groups.