How do I have an envelope "loop" or repeat when holding a note?

I created an envelope and associated it with my filter. I want to have the envelope loop or repeat when holding a note longer than the duration of the initial single envelope.

Sorry for my poorly formed question. I am not real clear on the terminology. Very new here!

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ENV’s don’t loop, better use an LFO.

I haven’t seen this option in Vital. I don’t think it is available. In this case using an LFO would be more useful. Assign it to the volume level of the oscillator you want to control, and also if you’d like you can use the mod matrix to further modulate your modulations.

Yes, just confirming you’ll want an LFO in trigger mode to do this. Just draw the same shape and set your rate

Extra tip: If you really like your env shape and having trouble replicating it, if you add up the times (i.e. Add together atk time, decay, Sus, and rel) you’ll have the total time you want in seconds to match for your LFO then you adjust the shape

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Great tip! I think you could also do a right click copy on the envelope view, and then paste it on to the LFO view. Anyway great tip because for efficiency!

Do the env let you copy to the LFOs?
I know the lfos copy to other lfos but I didn’t think you could do the same with the envs

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Hey! great catch! just checked and it doesn’t! maybe it is a good message for the developers at Vital!

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