How do I change skin?

Got the sub for the synth.Have downloaded all sub-related content (packs + skins).

Have the skin in my vital folder. When alt-clicking the hamburger menu -> Load skin all I see is a greyed out “Skin Pack 1.vitalbank”.

How am I supposed to do to check / load the skins?

Edit. All other content (preset packs) has showed up in the synth.

If the skin has been installed correctly, then you should be able to load it via the “Skin” dropdown list available on the Advanced tab:

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Cheers! :pray::blush:

Hey there—you mention correctly installing skins (sounds reasonable), but I don’t see an option for installation, and the plugin claims it downloads while logged in. When I go to the window in Advanced window, I do not see the skins selector.

The ability to change skins has only recently be added. Perhaps you need to install a newer version of Vital -

Bingo - thank you for helping out!

You’re welcome.