How do I cancel my subscription?

hi, I subscribed a few months ago but am not using much, I’m not sure how to unsubscribe from vital?

Click on ‘Modify’ in

I’m unable to find that button for some reason, could you show me a screenshot?

Did you cancel it through some other means? It looks like you cancelled the subscription on Jan 14th.

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Sorry for gatecrashing this thread, but as this user stated, there is no modify button in the account, I keep checking back for such a feature, my card got canceled by my bank due to some irritating security issues, so i got issued a new one, and need to update my payment info, and there is literally no way to do so.

An FAQ/Support page with email contact is also not readily available from the few times I’ve checked.

But I guess this forum is just as good :sweat_smile:

I’m guessing that I stopped your subscription because of a failed payment. I’ll have to put a way to update the payment info