How do i adjust my cello for the higher notes?

Here is my attempt at a physically modelled cello. White noise with env as an impulse, through a low pass filter and then a comb filter to resonate it.

I feel this is ok for the octave below middle C but its way too harsh for the higher notes. What should I be changing to make a string instrument for the whole keyboard?

looks like I can’t upload attachments yet…

Won’t be able to help much without seeing the patch, but I’d just mess with a different source,

Maybe try some pink noise or brown noise?
Or even some “noisy” wavetables, they (hopefully) won’t be as harsh in the high end?

Regardless, for higher octaves normally a violin or viola would take over the melody with a cello holding the lower octaves. The high string on the cello (A) gets quite “shrill” naturally when playing up the fingerboard, with a good player being able to make it sound bright and less harsh with their bowing - just a long way to say some harshness isn’t necessarily wrong higher up

Good luck!