How can I update to newest version?

I have Vital 1.0.2 installed and check for updates on. I downloaded a preset pack and when I try to open them it says “This preset was made in a newer version”. I then found out theres a new version of vital but it hasn’t been updated on me. What can I do?

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Same thing happened to me. I think the check for updates feature doesn’t work.

I just went to, clicked on the “account” page and downloaded the package again, did the normal install steps, opened Vital and checked to make sure it’s 1.0.3, done.

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I want to add, that while the check for updates feature doesn’t work, it would be very helpful to see the version number on the download page. Maybe even with a “change list”?

Same: Stuck on 1.0.3, auto-update turned on, it never happens.
Why isn’t there a place to download an installer from, or at least a button in the plugin where update can be initiated. Auto-update is too nanny for my taste anyway, but then when it doesn’t even work, … Sheesh, cmon.

Hi. The auto update feature is not actually ‘live’. To update, go to and download the latest version.

Got it, thanks.