How &*^%* awesome is this synth?

Looks beautiful, sounds lovely, smells like cello. Thank you!


I’m so glad that you are enjoying Vital! A lot of time and work has gone into the development of it and I hope that you will add it to your usual arsenal of powerful synths!

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The answer to your question is a resounding “VERY!!!”

Or perhaps “SOOOOOOOoooooo!!!”

…awesome that is. I’m astounded!!!

As one who mostly relies on presets Vital so rewarding making my own sounds. It’s awesome and I’m lovin it!!!

Spent a few hours exploring yesterday. So intuitive, great sounding and fun. A little processor intensive with certain presets but that is to be expected. I’m super stoked and glad I picked up the pro version. Thanks for your hard work on this synth. It really shows.

Completely, totally awesome.

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Best non-fully modular soft synth ever?

This thing is one of the best synths ever put together period.

I used to use presets in the past all the time but now I’m really enjoying tweaking and making my own sounds with VITAL. This is truly an awesome VST without a doubt

Agreed. There is a lot of power there to create awful sounds and the sweet spot can be a bit easy to overshoot but when you dial it in… It purrs. The workflow is super intuitive and it’s actually an enjoyable experience which is often not the case.

In 4 months every bedroom producer is going to be using this.

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