Host-synced ADSR

Hi there,

I want to suggest an option to switch from normal ADSR to host-synced ADSR, so you can use 1/8 for attack, 2/8 for decay and 1/8 for release, e.g.


Depends on the exact use case but pretty often it can be done with an LFO set to Envelope mode (and modulating the volume or the oscillators’ levels). Unfortunately it can sometimes be a pain to edit, and you can’t then modulate individual values (attack, decay and so on, at least it’s not as easy and maybe not all of them are possible) but if it’s synced you probably won’t be doing it anyways.

I agree that this can work as a workaround. I just don’t want to have to set it up manually every time when I can have a single button that automates it. That’s why I’ve made this feature request :wink: A simple button to toggle host sync on the individual envelopes including envelope 1 / the amp envelope.

PS.: you can automate the LFO speed already when it’s in Tempo mode, it then latches on the values rather than transitioning smoothly between them. Why shouldn’t this work on a synced ADSR, too?

Edit: Oh i misread you @Moose, you were talking about adjusting ADSR in the LFO not being possible… Yeah that’s perfectly right, certainly a pro towards synced ADSR. Thank you.

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