Highest cutoff on the filter should be completely open

This is an amazing synth (the reason I just subscribed), but there are a few things that could and/or need to be improved. For one:

When you slide the filter all the way to the right, the curve ought to be completely flat, totally open, no filtering. Maybe having it like it is is an homage to how classic synth filters worked or something, but the user shouldn’t have to use a macro just make the cutoff go far enough that the sound isn’t being affected at all.

This is just normal behaviour for filters.
If you look at say stock Ableton Auto filter there is always a rolloff at the cutoff frequency regardless of what that max frequency may be.

Even assigned to a macro, the filter rolloff will be still there at its maximum value.

Are you just using it for drive or something?
The sound is always effected by the filter if the module is on.

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When assigned to a macro, you can set your macro’s max beyond the filter window limits so that it’s imperceptible, but sometimes you can’t, or don’t want to, spare a macro for this.

Yes, the sound is always affected by the filter if the module is on, which is the problem. And yes, it’s normal behavior for some filters, (the filter in Rift is another), but in many cases the maximum cutoff frequency is high enough that any roll-off is inaudible. This is true for 3 filters in FL, 2 filters from TAL, and the KiloHearts filter at their highest cutoff. (also the filter in Massive is fairly minor, and the one in Surge XT can be inaudible)

This most common reason for wanting to have the filter on but inaudible is when you’re automating from your DAW (especially if Vital’s macros are all serving other purposes).

Also there’s the fact that the when boosting the resonance, the level of the other frequencies is decreased (which also isn’t standard with all filters).

A good work around if you need a spare macro and you have a free LFO, you can freeze and use the LFO phase as a macro, in case that helps

I know what you mean though, I was just pointing out these filters are definitely meant to be “filter modules” and will always be effecting the sound in some way

have you tried using the eq as a filter instead? Sorry don’t have vital available to test but maybe it’s max cutoff is far enough for you to not hear the rolloff.

I’ll always grab an external filter and automate on/off just to be sure it’s not effecting the sound since even if the max cutoff is 22k, it’s technically still effecting the sound up there, even if my ears arent young enough to catch it