HiDPI mode not supported - Cubase

I’ve encountered similar issues to other users around the UI. Solutions posted in those topics did work. I’m just creating a topic for cubase as well as the issue occurs here too.

To get around this, you need to go to Edit > Preferences > General and uncheck “Enable HiDPI”

The downside of this is that this will have an impact on everything else running in your DAW but at least Vital is usable. Hopefully a fix for this won’t take too long

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Thanks will look into this!


Are you on Mac or PC?
I thought it was a Mac only issue but your screen shot looks PC-ish.


Yeah it’s Win10

I’m having this issue too on cubase 11 win10. Vitals gui is blurry when running hidpi mode in cuabse.

I’m having this on Cubase11 OSX10.15. But I’m not have this on Cubase10.

So I just discovered something. On Cubase 11, win10 if I change the scaling from 135% to 100% & back again to 135% hidpi works again with vital text & Gui is nice & sharp. Close & open Vital then it’s back to blurred until you resize the gui again.

Just thought I’d let you know in case it might help track down the problem.

Yeah this helps a bit. I’ve got a couple high dpi fixes coming in the next build but unfortunately my high DPI screen for windows is in storage so a real fix might need to wait until next month.

Just wanted to report this has been my experience as well - in Cubase 11, Win10, with hidpi enabled, opening Vital the first time shows a blurry GUI. After clicking the Vital icon in the upper left and selecting any other zoom level, then changing back to the original 100%, the GUI becomes sharp and clear. However, the GUI comes back blurry if the Vital window is closed and re-opened, so the above work-around has to repeated each time. Hope this helps as well.