Hi my name is Lukasz I'm am new I need help, I'm using the free version

Hi my name is Lukasz I’m am new I need help, I’m using the free version of Vital I have recorded some instruments in mp3 and wav files, when I drop them into vital they don’t sound right please help

Go to YouTube and watch some Vital tutorials

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Are you importing them into the sampler? Make sure to hit have it play as a one shot
Importing as a wavetable? You’ll need an lfo sweeping the table to recreate the sample, so to speak

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I have figured it out, I started using white noise and it works now

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are you trying to drag it on to the wavetable in the oscilator section? try each of the 3 modes that show up when you’re hovering over the wavetable, see which one sounds best.

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To record instruments I’m using vst free plugins for waveform traction, then I import them to Vital to oscillators and white noise also I edit in Vital lots of options :slight_smile:

I also use Synthmaster Player 2 for my music, I like Vital free as well :slight_smile:

Is SoundCloud good for sharing created compositions?

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Soundcloud is great for small projects but you might have to manage your uploads as it’s limited with the free account

Thanks I will give it a try

hey people generating my own sounds is fun in Vital Free, I just learned how to draw wavetables :slight_smile: