HI CPU Usage in Cubase 11 Pro

Can anyone recommend any settings to help Vital run better in Cubase 11 Pro? I tried the free version and haven’t been able to use this synth on my iMac running version 10.15.7 with 32 GB memory. The synth maxes out the CPU when the EX are enabled. However, it runs better in Logic Pro X without these issues.

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Set oversampling to 1x

While setting the oversampling to 1x helps, it’s still pretty high. With Cubase as my DAW of choice, I wouldn’t be able to purchase this synth as is until this hi CPU usage gets resolved. Shame, because I like this synth.

What’s your Buffer Size? Setting it to something high adds in a bit of initial latency, but can drastically improve your CPU’s performance. At a buffer of 2048 and 1x oversampling, I can run Vital at around 5-10% CPU depending on the complexity of the patch. I’ve tested this in Reaper so I’m not sure if the same will apply in Cubase, but the buffer size increase should at least do something.

I did try different buffer sizes and that too helps a little, but depending on the patch, the load in Cubase still spikes very heavily when the effects are active. I seem to have no issues at all in Logic Pro X, but for me, Cubase is the DAW I’m much more familiar with. My best option for now would be to deactivate all the FX and try to recreate them with stock plugins from Cubase and see if I can get a similar sound.