Helm to Vital Patch Converter

Hello everyone!

Many of you will probably be familiar with or might still be using Matt’s older synth, ‘Helm’ - I myself used it frequently, before Vital came around, and I have many patches I still like on Helm. But, compared to Vital, Helm is much more limited. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to use your old sounds you created with Helm in Vital? I did a fair bit of thinking and a good bit more of programming, and I believe I have created something worth sharing:

A python script that converts your Helm-patches to Vital-patches. I decided to call it helm2vital, or h2v abbreviated.

Now, I am not going bore you with the specifics. And before I am going to all the trouble of double-checking all its functionality, I just wanted to hear whether this is something some of you are interested in using yourself.
If this has piqued your interest, do let me know - if enough people are interested I will try my best to share it in the near future.

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TL;DR: I made a script that converts helm- to vital-patches. lemme know if you’re interested.

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This sounds super interesting! I’ve done a decent amount of work with programming around Vital patches and I’ve been working on my own python library to manipulate them. [UNFINISHED]

I’m not familiar with Helms patch system, but if you have any questions about Vital’s I could probably help

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This sounds great! I would love to try it out against my free bank of helm patches. If it works well, I will release them for vital!

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Helm also uses JSON as the basis for saving its patches. For the most part, what I had to do was to create a mapping of which parameter in Helm corresponds to which parameter in Vital, and find out how each of them scales their display parameters to the stored parameters, and stuff like that. There was some more complicated stuff too, of course, but most features of Helm can be used in Vital too, in some way.
The script I currently have already works quite well, with only minor issues remaining. I appreciate the offer, should something I can use your help with come up, I will gladly reach out!

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