Helio Workstation and Vital UI freezing

I’m trying out an interesting free DAW (Sort of) called Helio Workstation.

In the DAW after adding either Vital VST or Vital VST3 to the Orchestra Pit, I’m trying to “Edit Routing” and then “Show UI”, but the moment the Vital UI loads, it freezes and goes to not responding mode.

Seems like this issue is specific to Vital than any other VSTs.

Is this an issue with Vital?

Try logging out and working offline

Thank you for the suggestion, the solution ddin’t work.

The following is what I did.

  1. I opened Vital in another DAW.
  2. Logged out.
  3. Clicked on work offline.
  4. Opened Helio Workstation
  5. Added Vital.
  6. Tried to open the UI.

It still hangs.

Ok, I’ve tried some things and I can get the UI to open, but everything is scaled weird and off center:

I tried enabling OpenGL Render, that didn’t work. This has happened with Vital in other DAWS, but I’ve been able to fix it with plugin render settings. Unfortunately, Helio doesn’t have much of those. The problem most likely lies with Helio, sorry if I can’t offer much of a solution :/’

it is most likely down to the DAW you are using. I have seen this a lot with new DAW’s and other hosts. It will be worth contacting Helios direct to let them know of the issue. And maybe they could help you.

Thank you SlavaCat & Demis_Hellen.

I did try to post at Helio GitHub issues pages and a solution was provided which unfortunately didn’t work for me.

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Sorry to hear that, hope you can find a solution soon. :+1:t2:

Thank you.

Vital is also having some conflicts with Scaler 2. But am not able to reproduce it all the time. But reproducible when only using Scaler and Vital. Here the Scaler UI stops to refresh and have to adjust. I’m quite skeptical if Vital is the cause Scaler UI to have issue.