Having more than one of the morphs at once


Im not sure how this would be implemented in the current ui, but only being able to have one of these morphs active at a time seems like a big missed opportunity.

I would love to be able to use multiple at once, like fm and sync, etc. The same goes for the other morph dial.


There is a spectral shaping on the left. Having another does not have much musical sense - you will be lost in tweaking, lol.

However, it would be good to have a self fm shaper (driven by a simple sine modulator).

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I think its a great idea. It could open up a bunch of sound design capabilities.

So having already two shaper knobs on wavetable oscillator doesn’t give you great sound capabilities? If it doesn’t, then the third won’t help too)))

I’m just saying that having more shaper knobs could be useful to some extent. I’m not saying you can’t make anything good only using 2 shaper knobs.