Has anyone tried Syntheon for Vital? (synplant ai for vital)


With all the hype about Synplant 2 being able to create patches based on audio, I thought this same “groundbreaking” Ai machine learning method for Vital should deserve more attention.

Anybody have any luck getting it to run on python via mac? Or of anyone can walk me through if how to use the demo collab, but with my own sounds.

I have limited script/coding knowledge, but have been successful running Vinetics for Vital, so im not a newb.


Got it working on Windows with the following steps–should hopefully work on Mac as well.

  1. pip install syntheon (This will take some time)
  2. Create a new folder somewhere to put everything in
  3. Create a main.py file in the folder
  4. Put the usage script from the README inside the main.py file:
from syntheon import infer_params

output_params_file, eval_dict = infer_params(
  1. Put an audio file into the folder (I’ve only tested with .wav so far)
  2. Change the "your_audio.wav" parameter to the filename of the audio file you put in the folder
  3. Run the script (This will take ~40 seconds)
  4. There will be a new vital_output.vital file in the folder, this is the preset to run.

To me, it just seems like harmonic resynthesis with an envelope.

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Thanks SlavaCat!

I knew you would find this.

My python skills are being humbled lol

What to the vital preset results look like for you so far? Are you saying it just looks like a synthesized wavetable? Or does it actually creating parameters in vital using effects and such?

My instal/setup is giving me errors for requirement dependencies. But im getting close.

Requirement already satisfied: torch in ./anaconda3/lib/python3.11/site-packages (from syntheon) (2.1.0)
ERROR: Cannot install syntheon==0.0.1, syntheon==0.0.2 and syntheon==0.1.0 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies.

The conflict is caused by:
syntheon 0.1.0 depends on torch==1.12.1
syntheon 0.0.2 depends on torch==1.12.1
syntheon 0.0.1 depends on torchaudio==0.12.1

i was wondering when something like this would hit!

as a side band, i’m hoping for a dx7 one that can analyze a sample and try to make weird tries at FM resynthesis that way.

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Are you just using pip install syntheon?

Got it working.
The science behind it is interesting, but i dont think i will ever use it again tbh. I trial versioned Synplant 2 and it’s equally as mild too. In the real world, id rather just use a sampler. Certainly not a Vital add on i would use as much as Vinetics. You deserve more recognition for that, it’s like free serotonin.


Thanks, ive been thinking of doing a more powerful redesign, but thats on the list of future ideas with a bunch of other things; however, since I see interest, I’ll make sure to prioritize it after my current project is done.


This might be more interesting from what I can tell


dank! thanks for noting this!

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