Hardware Controller MIDI Assignments

Hi all. I’m experiencing a specific problem when assigning controls from my MIDI device to Vital. First, the basics:

  • Ableton 11
  • Windows 10
  • MIDI controller is an Akai APC40 mkII
  • Vital/6 Plus (standard purchase version)

So I select “Learn MIDI Assignment” on the Vital parameter of interest; then I twist the knob on my APC. The link is successful. But then when I go to select the next Vital parameter, the same APC knob jumps to that parameter. It’s as if Vital remains in learn mode and just keeps reassigning the same APC knob over and over again. I have tried different procedures to get Vital out of learn mode, no luck. The APC works fine with Ableton and Arturia Pigments, which have more explicit ways of turning learn mode on and off.

I might just be doing something really dumb. Always a possibility! Please set me straight. Thanks.