Handling large collections of presets

This question is not unique to Vital, but…

Vital is quickly becoming a successful platform and it is very easy to collect hundreds of presets, free or paid. Great!

As I scan presets, I get contradictory feelings. Should I remove the presets that I don’t think I am going to use, to keep the collection tidy? Or should I keep everything because you never know, even if it’s at the expense of spending more time browsing through presets? Do experienced users have other ways to handle large collections of presets?

Do I hear the answer “Use the stars”? :slight_smile: If the “not for me” presets are deleted, and only the “maybe one day” are kept, then stars are useful to mark the presets I really like. However, if I don’t delete anything and then I star the presets that I kind of like… I’d need to keep track somewhere else of the presets I really like.

Anyway, I have searched for advice but couldn’t find anything, hence the question.

i use a lot of different folders.
preset banks i put in user folder in a folder with the cerators name. made some folder for random presets, for new presets and other stuff. Maybe put the files wich you´re not sure to keep in a seperate folder.

But you have to spend a few minutes from time to time to keep it tidy.
As i´m not doing this regularly, it gets a bit messed up. And i discovered the search funktions are very mighty.

I wonder how one might go about moving the non-favorited presets easily. You can’t move them from within Vital AFAICT, and of course, you can’t see the favorite status in Finder/Explorer…

you could use a search program(like the ones that find values for cheating in games) and a script or something like that, if you´re skilled enough.

but i´m not :nerd_face: