Guidelines for importing custom waves?

Hello Vital users,

Without a manual, I am wondering if there are some guidelines for importing your own custom waveforms… (in the form of a .WAV file) Is it a good idea to “prep” your waves beforehand so they come into Vital sounding smooth and good…

Things like:

    1. What sample rate and bitrate is ideal?
    1. What length (in seconds or milliseconds) of time will give optimum usefulness within Vital?
    1. Do you need to adjust the sample thingee in Vital (4096, 2048, 8192, 1024 and so forth) ?
    1. Should your custom waves first be Normalized to some dB degree?
    1. Stereo waves are cool here? Even if they have different-sounding L+R channels? Is Mono better?

Thanks, ras