GUI Slowdown on FL 20.7.3

Hi everybody, I just loaded up Vital to truly get down and gritty to get a feel for it, but it seems as though my FL Studio and Vital GUI completely slows down after having loaded Vital up, and the screen begins to flicker somewhat with the coloring of it (most notable in the Playlist). I was able to isolate it to just my DAW as well as Vital being open. Once Vital closes, the GUI becomes smooth once more.

The problematic behavior goes away temporarily when I click on another window and return to FL, or hit the windows button and come back into the program. The problem seems to only occur when Vital’s plugin window is open.

I also am running on 20.7.3, as well as the most current version of Vital available. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can begin to address this problem?

Here’s my hardware specs:


Ryzen 7 3700X

32 GB 3200MHz RAM

Radeon RX 570

The Windows 10 20-04 Update has possibly caused some issues with graphics on some systems running FL Studio. There are other threads besides the one in the link. You might want to report it at the Image-Line forums.

For the record I am not experiencing the same issue with Vital in FL Studio 20.7

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I’ll continue my journey over to Looptalk, thanks for the insight :)))

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