GUI Scaling/Resizing Options

On Mac, in standalone, there seems to be some clunkiness when switching GUI scaling percentages.

The audio/MIDI settings seem quite small in comparison to the synth UI in most of the zoom levels.

This is not a major issue, just a place for a little more refinement.

I am experiencing the same problem. I am on macOS Big Sur 11.2.1.

Additionally, the audio/MIDI settings are not saved in-between sessions. I always have to reconfigure them upon restart, e.g. set the sample rate, buffer size, midi inputs.

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I also experience the following when entering full screen mode:

It would be nice if this was fixed, as I prefer the standalone mode when sound designing and playing. It keeps me focused.

+1 (on mojave) and yes please

Yeah I don’t think I’ll have a fix for the clunky resizing for a long time. I’d have to dig into the current graphics framework to fix this and I’m planning on switching to a new framework anyway. So this will probably get fixed when there is a major UI overhaul and I decide to switch to that other framework.

As for the small Audio/MIDI settings, that also annoys me. I’ll have another look at that.

may i ask which graphics framework you are switching to? Because im learning how to code a vst right now and as far as i know (from the source code) vitals GUI was alot programmed with openGL? Im wondering whats good for complex GUI programming…

This isn’t a developer forum. If you want to make VSTs I’d check out the audio developer

I’m experiencing a problem like this as well. I see that you will probably fix it with a new UI overhaul. I just want to let you know that the stand alone app resizes fine but when I open it through Bitwig studio 3.3.7 it does not. Here’s a screen shot. If you need more info, LMK.