Gui Scaling bug in ableton

I use ableton lite 10 on windows 10. Vital version 1.0.7. This happens when i open a vst (2 and 3) plugin in the ableton. The standalone version works fine. I use a laptop with additional monitor and 125% scaling on one of them. Also, rescaling the plugin window makes it move somehow and all the buttons are where they should be.

Hi, I have a similar problem in Waveform Free. And it´s irritating. It will open and work just fine one time but if I close the VST - window and try to open it again this will happen. It will only go away if I restart the DAW, but the problem remains.

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
It´s damn nice aside from this.



I have a similar Problem in Ableton Intro 11, Vital 1.0.7.
It’s not always happening, bot sometimes it randomly looks like that, doesn’t matter which scaling settings I use. The main Problem is that the (invisible) cursor is offset, so the plugin unfortunately becomes pretty useless :frowning:

You should both set OS Windows scaling to 100%, this should fix that issue.