GUI input lag and DAW scanning

I’m having a few issues with the plugin unfortunately.

Firstly, different versions of the plugin are not being scanned by different DAWs:

Cubase 10.5 - VST3 shows up, VST2 doesn’t
Bitwig 2.3 - VST2 shows up, VST3 doesn’t (edit, both now show in Bitwig)

I have copies of other DAWs I can try, though don’t have installed right now.

Secondly, all mouse interaction with the UI in the VST3 version of the synth in Cubase 10.5 has an initial lag (including the on-screen keyboard) where the UI locks up for 1 to 2 seconds, then jumps to whatever expected value it should correspond to based on where the mouse pointer has moved to.

Once the lock up has passed, input is processed correctly, instantly, whilst the mouse button is down.
After releasing the mouse button, the lag is reset - it happens for all mouse clicks, regardless of UI component being interacted with.

Testing in Vital v1.0.3, Cubase 10.5, VST3, Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.

The lag does NOT happen in the standalone version of the synth, or VST2 in Bitwig.
I can’t test the VST2 in Cubase or VST3 in Bitwig as neither shows up in the plugin list (I’ve tried resetting and rescanning).

PS - this synth is awesome, great work. Looking forward to being able to use it fully!

EDIT I’ve managed to get the VST3 to show up in Bitwig and it DOESN’T show the same lag as in Cubase

I’m getting this too on Cubase 11 macos catalina 10.15.7, with the vst3 version. the UI is unusable with long delays between mouse clicks. Vital version 1.0.3

It seems fine on Reaper on macos. I also use win10 & it’s running fine on cubase there but with the low dpi as mentioned on another thread. I think I’m still on Vital version 1 on win10

has anybody worked out what is causing this?

I updated my version ( to 1.0.7) for the first time since initial release and i am now experiencing this issue.
This is present in Bitig 4.0.1 and Ableton Live 10 as well
The problem is present if i instal previous versions ( tried back 10 V 1.0.5)

Im on Mojave

This has become my go to Workhorse and i am struggling with using it now.

Any pointers massivly appreciated