GUI does not update correctly when controls are enabled or disabled by modifying parameters

I’ve been coding a script for my MIDI controller (Novation Launchkey MK2) that links it to Vital (amongst other plugins) in FL Studio.

Whilst doing so, I’ve noticed that when modules such as oscillators and filters are disabled by changing their parameters through the scripting interface, their indicator buttons (the ones that you click to enable/disable them) update, but the module displays don’t (ie. they don’t darken light they normally would).

I’ve shown this in a quick video (, where you can see me enable and disable oscillators and filters using both the MIDI controller and using my mouse. The difference should be noticeable (even with the terrible recording quality).

You should be able to reproduce this by modifying the values of parameters such as “Filter 1 Switch” using your DAW (rather than the Vital window’s built-in controls).