GUI Bug in Matrix

Window 10, Vital version 1.0.3.

Using Akai VIP software. This doesn’t seem to occur in FL Studio 2.0 or Live 10. If you go to Matrix view, open either Source or Destination for any mapping and you cannot close the popup unless you select an option. This is a problem if you don’t want to change the selection. The popup can and does cover over the existing controls, so you can’t see what it is currently set to.

The popup should highlight what’s already selected in the dropdown list so you can see what the current selection is, as well as close the current popup list when clicking outside of the list or hitting ESC key. If you click Source and Destination without making any selection, both popups will open and stay open until you make a selection.

After trying other dropdown controls, this appears to be a general issue with dropdown list controls, not just in the Matrix view.