Grid for MOD Remap not switching

When switching between modulation entries in the Mod Matrix the Remap Grid settings is not remembered for each modulation as it does for LFOs. This very annoying because when editing different modulation entries, the grid has to be set up manually again.
I assume this is a bug.

Are you on the latest version of Vital? (1.0.3) I can’t seem to be able to reproduce this bug, the grid stays consistent for me.

When I set a grid for a mod remap modulation and select another modulation, the grid just stays as it is.
So I have to adapt the remap grid for a newly selected modulation entry because its a completely other purpose of modulation. If I come back to the first one, I have to change it back again.
Maybe this how it is meant to work but is very annoying.
Would be great if vital would remember the remap grid settings for each modulation entry.
I use the latest 1.0.3

Hello, I still have this bug!

Everytime I change to look at another “mod remap page” it resets.

Here is a picture of what value is resetting

I think this issue - LFO X Grid Amount Reset on GUI Close - must be related. Essentially, grids are not consistently retaining their settings