Granular OSC mode

OSC could have a granular mode with classic seed control on clock division and clocked RND, i know you can sort of do it with the sampler but it doesnt get the same results, you could use the Mutable intruments open source codes i guess


its “wavetable synth” adding other types of osc dont make sense, just use different synth if you need granular. instead making bad “all types” synth, vital is being good “wavetable” synth

So an extra feature somehow makes all the others worse? That’s patently false.

I think it’s a great idea and would love to have that kind of osc. Hopefully Matt is into it!

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im not saying it will make anything worse, what im saying is that it would take time that otherwise would be spend on more needed things like fixing bugs/optimizing synth/adding features that will keep this synth one of the best wavetable snythesizers.

Let me get this straight: You’re on the feature request sub to tell people not to request features because they will take away time from working on the synth? LOL

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HaHa , there are some great ideas. It seems clear they most not requested , still addictive osc would be top :wink:

not sure why you laughing, im not saying to peoplento dont suggest things, read my comments under other posts maybe. im just trying to be real and saying it would take a lot of time, because new synthesis type is hard to implement, especially granular.