Grain Oscillator Mode but with WTs

Basically putting the Virus TI out of business. Still dont see any other synth with a grain osc mode where you can load Wavetables. If you take that, the tunable comb out of the Virus then its just another synth. The inharmonic stretch that exists as a mod seems to work similar to the formant spread/stretch/shift in some way. I see this as a very viable software replacement in terms of popularity.

You can load wavetables into vital

but not in grain OSC mode and retain the Formant shifting and spread controls. That what the feature request is, Grain OSC mode while retaining the ability to load wavetables. Unlike Pigments for example, which does have a grain OSC mode but then the wavetables switch to a granular sampler style oscillator.

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Here someone tried to make it in Max for Live, notice how you can get all those wierd wet croaky sounds that is basically the Virus’s signature. Im making this obvious because I believe Access has done the customers hard by still selling hardware synths that dont work on Mac, only have old software. It irritates me that these 2 features make their synth so unique and so its still the staple for many genres. :slight_smile: I would prefer for Vital to take over the world, loved it from the moment I saw it

Would also add that Vital has come the closest to replicating the sound in a VST synth that Ive seen, the Harmonic and inharmonic stretch modes, so I see it as only a few steps away from doing everything the same and working much better.

Ok thanks for clarification!