Got vital free version no waveforms

I installed the vital free, and… NO WAVEFORMS
I meant, even there is no basic shapes, also there is no presets
It’s just nothing,

I have no idea if you already managed to resolve this but can you please try to run Vital in Standalone mode with Admin/Root/Sudo privileges and try to download the content via there?

Where do i download the content from?

Content is downloaded automatically once you log in onto the Synthesizer

After i logged in it just went straight to the synth, nothing downloaded. anything else i can try?

If you are able to, please try to locate the content folder for Vital (depends on your system) and try to remove the packs.json and availablepacks.json. After that attempt to run Vital Standalone via Admin/Sudo/Root privileges and then hopefully it should download!

If you can’t find the content folder you could try to save a simple patch and then via the PRESET BROWSER right click on your patch and choose to open its file location. Go all the way to the top folder named ‘Vital’ and there should it be!

There was an issue with mac yesterday that wouldn’t download presets.
If you’re on version 1.0.3 it should work, if not download it from

I couldn’t find the files so i saved a preset and went to the folder and all that was there was the preset in the Users folder, and I’m already using version 1.0.3

Are there any files in the top Vital folder?

Nope, just the User folder

Could you try to move/delete that folder and see what Vital does?

It didn’t do anything, it didn’t even make a new folder

Where do you get vital standalone?

Oh, i found it

I actually made my own waveforms, but there was writed 25 of them (which i need the most 4 of them (Saw, Sine, Square and triange))
Also, does Vital does updates or you need to download again?
(yes im using mac, and i need to enter password when downloading)

I had the same problem:sob:

In order to update the latest version you will have to download it from the website

doesnt work for me to. this screen goes forever. cant press install…

standalone version seems to download something…

Really? Now I need to change to windows…

I just downloaded some presets, and i found basisc shapes waveform, don’t need any help form now!
I just saved it, and im gonna use it

Thanks alot